Great Sankey Teaching School Alliance, a Stonewall Training Partner, have trained facilitators who can equip a lead teacher from your school with the skills to train colleagues in tackling these issues with particular expertise in tackling HBT bullying.


Homophobic, biphobic and transphobic (HBT) bullying is widespread in many schools.  Almost half of primary and secondary school teachers say pupils in their school experience homophobic bullying and seven in ten hear homophobic language – phrases like ‘that’s so gay’ – from pupils.  Nine in ten teachers say they want to tackle the problem, but lack the training or support to do so.


Stonewall Train the Trainer courses give staff the knowledge, tools and confidence to train colleagues on tackling HBT bullying and celebrating difference in primary and secondary schools.


More information on our Stonewall Train the Trainer events this year is below.


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